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This is a limited edition hair care set, which includes everything you need for ultimate hair growth 

1 X Butter blend - 100g - A blend of raw butters and oils formulated to seal in hydration and add moisture onto the hair strands without clogging the cuticles 

1 X Hibiscus Deep Conditioner - 300ml - Made with hibiscus flower leaving the hair clean, soft, shiny and curls defined. Whilst preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. 

1 X Black Soap Shampoo - 250ml - Formulated from raw African black soap. A Clarifying shampoo, leaving the scalp free of dandruff and clogged dirt. 

1 X Atarah Oil - 50ml - A lightweight soothing blend of oils, which nourish the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth 

1 X Shampoo Brush -  A deeper root cleanser with the bonus of a gentle massage. Gently exfoliate the scalp removing dirt and product build-up, restoring clean, rejuvenated hair.

1 X Bonnet any colour of your choice -Silk and Satin protect your hair from dryness. Your hair will no longer have friction and be fighting against your moisture-absorbing cotton pillowcase. With more moisture in your hair, you'll be able to reduce breakage, tangles, and hair loss.

plus a cutting comb - used to style hair